Poppy Montgomery Hails Her Unforgettable New Foil, 'Hardcore' Romance Twist and 'Cool' Finale

Unforgettable, which wasn’t among the shows to elicit an early renewal by CBS, will make a strong case for consideration by serving up a memorable final salvo of episodes starting tonight at 10/9c. And those who stick around for the May 8 season finale may, just may, join Carrie (played by Poppy Montgomery) in unearthing a major reveal about her sister’s murder.

But first….

This week Carrie has a slightly smaller fish to fry — a case of her work and romantic worlds colliding, George Costanza-style — when her bad boy beau Jackson Hurst is revealed to have ties to a murder suspect.

“How do a cop and a mobster fall in love?” Montgomery says of the central conundrum. Previewing the unlikely lovers’ latest test, she tells TVLine, “There’s a case that suddenly he gets involved in, and it compromises me as a cop. But he’s my boyfriend, so we have to decide if he’s a bad guy or a good guy.” Which will it be? “The fallout is pretty hardcore,” the redheaded head-turner teases.

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Speaking of the men in Carrie’s orbit, last week the CBS procedural introduced viewers to Walter Morgan, an enigmatic individual who seems to have Detective Wells’ number — for better or for worse.

“We love Walter Morgan!” Montgomery raves of the addition (played by James Urbaniak). “He’s a kooky, scary, eerily calm character who’s got a strange fascination with Carrie.” Previewing the puppet master’s next move, she says, “He comes back and there’s a great action-packed episode with the two of them which I hope people love, because I really loved it.”

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But what Montgomery would most love is to know who killed Carrie’s sister all those years ago, when they were just kids — aka the one mystery that the crafty cop’s super-memory thus far has yet to enable her to crack.

As teased a week ago, Walter Morgan seems to know something about that long-ago murder. And what he winds up disclosing will set in motion events that feed into and fuel the season finale.

“Al (played by Dylan Walsh) and I have a road trip to Syracuse, where the murder happened, and I think we are going to get some resolution in the murder of Carrie’s sister,” Montgomery says. “I don’t know how satisfying it will be, because we haven’t shot it yet, but from the looks of where it’s going, it’s going to be pretty cool.”

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