What to Watch Today

Flight Attendant Returns, Ghosts Finale and More

  • HBO Max
    The Flight Attendant

    Season 2 premiere (first two episodes): Moonlighting as a CIA asset, a newly sober Cassie witnesses a murder in Berlin, committed by someone who looks very familiar. (Read preview.)


  • HBO Max
    The Garcias

    Two episodes: Lorena gets a taste of the limelight; Carlos and George prepare for their club opening; Andrea wants to help a local boy who is going blind.

  • Paramount+

    Kwan and Soren have a difference of opinion; John makes a horrific discovery; the war rears its ugly head.

  • HBO Max

    As Paul and Judith experiment with baking, Julia tackles a different kind of “bread.”

  • Paramount+
    Star Trek: Picard

    Picard and Guinan must free themselves from FBI custody; Seven and Raffi confront Jurati and the horror of what she has become.

  • HBO Max
    Tokyo Vice

    Two episodes: Samantha must begin to settle her debts with Matsuo; Jake doubles down on his efforts to help Emi with a murder investigation.

  • CBS
    Young Sheldon

    After George and Mary insist on meeting Mandy, everyone gathers for an awkward family dinner. (How will George and Mary react to pregnancy?)

  • Fox
    Call Me Kat

    Kat needs a rebound following her big relationship change; Randi deals with Carter’s newfound presence in her apartment.

  • CBS

    Season 1 finale: Thorfinn places a Norse curse upon Sam and Jay as the B&B’s first official guests are set to arrive. (Read Rose McIver preview; check renewal status.)

  • FX

    “I’ve definitely seen this before on a better show,” reads this week’s self-deprecating synopsis. “They’re always stealing ideas. But the fashion industry gotta be exposed #streetwear.”