Year in Review

2022 in Review: Best First Kiss, Worst CGI, Most Improved Series, Lamest Cameo and 80+ More TV Superlatives

Thus far in TVLine’s Year in Review, we’ve been looking at the big picture: The very best shows of 2022! The very worst! The TV industry’s most puzzling, backwards decisions of the year! READ MORE

Year in Review

2022 in Review: 25 of Our Favorite Scene Stealers From Wednesday, Abbott Elementary, She-Hulk and More

Sure, the stars get all the attention and awards, but we’ve got a special place in our TV-loving hearts for the supporting characters that help make their shows worth watching. READ MORE

Post Mortems

Wednesday Boss Says Fred Armisen Shaved His Head to Play Uncle Fester (And He's Only in One Episode)

With monsters, murder and mayhem rampant at Nevermore Academy, it was only fitting that Wednesday‘s titular character would receive a visit from her kooky Uncle Fester (played by Fred Armisen). READ MORE