The Following Post Mortem: Valorie Curry Reveals Why the Trio's Steamy [Spoiler] Is a 'Huge Risk!'

The following interview contains spoilers from Monday’s episode of The Following. If you’ve yet to watch, avert your eyes now.

Who knew scary could be so sexy?

The Following on Monday took the already twisted love triangle of Emma, Paul and Jacob to steamy new heights when …READ MORE


Exclusive Video: The Following's Trio Previews a Big Twist in an Already Twisted Love Triangle

The cat-and-mouse game between Ryan Hardy and Joe Carroll may be the core of Fox’s new hit The Following (Mondays, 9/8c), but what we can’t get enough of is the cult drama’s scene-stealing trio of acolytes — and the twisted love triangle a-brewin’ among them. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

The Following's Breakout Star Valorie Curry Dissects Emma's 'Misplaced' Love of Joe Carroll

Fox’s new hit drama The Following (Mondays, 9/8c) has only just begun, but already one key player in Joe Carroll’s nefarious cult-of-killers game has murdered pushed her way to the forefront: Valorie Curry‘s “nanny” Emma Hill.

But while the self-appointed boss of the follower pack may seem …READ MORE