Post Mortems

Teen Wolf: The Movie EP Defends That Tragic Ending: 'I Wouldn't Have Done It Without [Spoiler]'s Blessing'

Now streaming on Paramount+, Teen Wolf: The Movie summons Scott McCall and his friends back to Beacon Hills for the fight of their lives — and not everyone makes it out alive. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Throwback Thursday

7th Heaven 25 Years Later: 20 Bizarre Moments That Still Make Us Cringe

We’re not sure which is harder to believe: that 7th Heaven lasted for an astounding 11 seasons on The WB/CW, or that it’s been a quarter-century since we first met Eric, Annie and the rest of the Camden clan. READ MORE

Post Mortems

Superman & Lois Team Explains the Series Premiere's 'L' of a Final Twist: 'We Wanted to Tell a New Story'

With Tuesday’s series premiere of Superman & Lois, The CW is reintroducing viewers to the most iconic couple in the DC canon. And much has changed since we saw them last. READ MORE & GRADE IT