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The Flash's Tom Cavanagh Talks [Spoiler]'s Tragic Death (?) and That Big Reveal Ahead of Season Finale

The following contains spoilers from the June 22 episode of The Flash.

Back in December, at the close of the “Armageddon” event’s fourth episode, viewers saw Tom Cavanagh’s hoodwinked Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash slip into the S.T.A.R. Labs time vault READ MORE

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The Flash: Tom Cavanagh Weighs In on What 'Armageddon' Event Is Really About, Teases Thawne's Final (?) Move

The following contains major spoilers from the Dec. 7 episode of The Flash aka “Armageddon” Part 4.

This week on The Flash, we learned that the five-week event titled “Armageddon” was a Trojan horse of sorts, leading as it did to READ MORE & GRADE PART 4

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The Flash: Grant Gustin Breaks Down the New Iris Situation and the Surprise Revival of an 'Epic' Character

The following contains major spoilers from the March 9 episode of The Flash.

The good news, coming out of this Tuesday’s episode of The Flash? Barry and Cisco READ MORE

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Inside The Flash's Barry Allen Channeling the Entire Council of Wells: 'One of Grant's Concerns Was...'

When The Flash‘s Season 7 opener called upon Barry Allen to channel Nash, H.R. and the entire Council of Wells, series star Grant Gustin ran-Barry-ran into un petit problème. READ MORE

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The Flash Boss Breaks Down Season 7 Premiere's Wild Wells Twist and How Eva's Epiphany Will Alter Her Agenda

The Flash returned this Tuesday night with a desperate need for speed — though the solution to his problem threatened to demand a major sacrifice. GET SCOOP & GRADE THE PREMIERE