Post Mortems

Inside The Flash's Barry Allen Channeling the Entire Council of Wells: 'One of Grant's Concerns Was...'

When The Flash‘s Season 7 opener called upon Barry Allen to channel Nash, H.R. and the entire Council of Wells, series star Grant Gustin ran-Barry-ran into un petit problème. READ MORE

Post Mortems

The Flash Boss Breaks Down Season 7 Premiere's Wild Wells Twist and How Eva's Epiphany Will Alter Her Agenda

The Flash returned this Tuesday night with a desperate need for speed — though the solution to his problem threatened to demand a major sacrifice. GET SCOOP & GRADE THE PREMIERE

Post Mortems

The Flash Stars Talk Earth-One's New 'Arrogant' Visitor, 'Huge' Bombshell

The following contains spoilers from this Tuesday’s episode of The Flash.

This week on The Flash, one West got walloped by a whopper, while every effort to manage the “portal” between worlds could not keep READ MORE