Inside Madam Secretary's Final Season Creative Revamp: 'It Was Like Launching a New Series,' EP Says

During her time as Secretary of State, Madam Secretary‘s Elizabeth McCord fearlessly has brokered peace, de-escalated wars and advanced human rights causes around the world. But on a sticky night in late August, a bit of horsehide and some red READ MORE

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Madam Secretary's Téa Leoni, Tim Daly Tease Fake News, Gov't Shutdown, 'Aspirational Politics' in Season 4

“There used to be confines to our storylines,” Madam Secretary star Téa Leoni says. She’s sitting in the Queens television studio where her CBS drama is filmed — Henry’s new office, to be exact, but we’ll get to that in a moment — and reflecting on READ MORE

Madam Secretary's Téa Leoni, EPs Talk Elizabeth's First Scandal, Henry's Spy Game, Staff Bonding and More

Madam Secretary‘s Elizabeth McCord is always one cool politico, no matter what tricky feat of international diplomacy is demanded of her. But those behind the scenes of CBS’ Sunday-night drama admit that its Season 2 pickup last month provided a welcome respite from the nerve-racking renwal waiting game. READ MORE