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Legends' Tala Ashe Talks Zari and [Spoiler]'s 'Inconvenient Attraction'

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Tuesday’s Legends of Tomorrow. Proceed at your own risk!

Just when we thought Legends of Tomorrow was finally going to give us the Zari 2.0/Nate romantic relationship we’ve been waiting for READ MORE


Legends of Tomorrow Sneak Peek: Nate 'Meets' Zari, and It's One for the 'Gram!

This week on The CW’s DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Nate meets the mysterious beauty of whom he has been having visions — at which point we the viewer discover that in her new incarnation, Zari Tomaz is quite the “social” butterfly. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Post Mortems

Legends of Tomorrow Boss Confirms [Spoiler]'s Exit, Breaks Down Crossover Tease and Season 5's Big Bad

For the Legends of Tomorrow to survive their latest season-ending showdown, a sacrifice had to be made. But the team member who volunteered to give their own life wound up not being the one to go.