Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Arrow, Five-0, Suits, Vikings, Chicago Fire/P.D., Bitten, Shameless, Night Shift and More

Is Arrow targeting a nip-and-tuck? Which Chicago Fire-men are clashing? Is Five-0‘s Danny still playing doctor? Does Vikings‘ mystery man make an entrance? When will Syfy get Bitten again? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows. GET THE INSIDE LINE!


Scoop: NCIS Alumna to Visit Criminal Minds

Onetime NCIS agent Sarah Jane Morris will find herself looking down the wrong end of a gun barrel (or a harpoon spear, or a human marionette pulley, or whatever twisted modus homicidii is at play) when she guest-stars on CBS’ Criminal Minds this fall. READ MORE


Castle Scoop: Sarah Jane Morris Gets Involved In a Fairy Grimm Episode

ABC’s Castle will kinda-sorta — but not really — crossover with the network’s freshman hit Once Upon a Time when Sarah Jane Morris guest-stars in a fairytale-flavored installment later this winter.

In the Feb. 27 episode — titled, natch, “Once Upon a Crime” — Morris will play … READ MORE


NCIS Exclusive First Look: Tony. E.J. Bed. What?

While Tony and Ziva of CBS’ NCIS will always have Paris (and whatever went down there), Agent DiNozzo and his former peer and paramour, E.J. Barrett (played by Sarah Jane Morris), are about to make memories of their own in a cozy safe house — and TVLine has a first look at the sure-to-be-intense reunion in close confines. READ MORE & VIEW PHOTO