Salvation's Santiago Cabrera Talks Internet Shutdown (!), Whether Darius and Grace Will Heat Back Up

We are still shuddering from the Salvation team’s desperate move to delay deposed POTUS Monroe Bennett’s plan for a U.S. government coup, by shutting down the entire damn Internet.

Seriously. Yikes. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO Q&A


Covert Affairs Recruits Heroes Alum, Teases White Collar-Burn Notice Crossover

At long last, Mohinder and Isaac will be reunited. Covert Affairs star Sendhil Ramamurthy revealed at the USA Network hit’s San Diego Comic-Con panel that fellow Heroes alum Santiago Cabrera will be guest-starring on the next episode they shoot.

No details on Cabrera’s character were revealed, though Ramamurthy hinted there will be “some shenanigans” … READ MORE