Post Mortems

HTGAWM Boss Offers Ray of Hope in #UnderTheSheet Reveal, Teases 'Shocking' Twist in 2017 Premiere

There’s dead, and then there’s “TV dead” — when you don’t actually see the victim’s body or the whole thing was an elaborately staged fakeout or, y’know, “secret twin.”

But make no mistake, the character revealed to be “under the sheet” READ MORE & GRADE THE FINALE

Post Mortems

How to Get Away With Murder Boss on Wes' 'Meredith Grey' Arc, Frank's Fate and That Riveting Backyard Burial

There is no such thing as “too cruel” in television.

That’s a lesson How to Get Away With Murder creator Pete Nowalk learned from his boss Shonda Rhimes — and applied to READ MORE