Ringer Finale Preview: Bosses Promise 'Mother of All Cliffhangers' and at Least 3 Deaths!

The images floating around from tonight’s Ringer season (or series?) finale would have you believe that The CW’s topsy-turvy, twisty-turny serial thriller will conclude with a joyous event and a happily ever after for all. Well, you know what they say about appearances.

TVLine spoke with Ringer bosses Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder (who — spoiler alert …READ MORE

Ringer: 4 Scoopy Bits From the Rest of Season 1, Including More Secrets, Lies and a Major [Spoiler]

When The CW’s Ringer resumes its freshman run tonight at 9/8c, it wastes no time jumping back into its now-signature twisty, turny, game-changy storylines. The winter premiere alone find the twins (kind of) reuniting, a sexy romance blossoming and contains a creepy shower scene that might actually rival that of Psycho — and that’s only the first few minutes of the episode. READ PREVIEW