Fall TV Preview

Will Walker Prequel's 1800s Wardrobe Be Made CW-Sexy? 'I'm Definitely in a 20-Pound Dress and a Corset, So...'

When one thinks of a CW series, bulky, constructed frontier dresses and dingy, scratchy-looking shirts don’t ever come to mind. The upcoming Walker prequel, though, will aim to make 1800s fashion as fetch as it can. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Memories From the Set

Valor's Matt Barr Talks Going 'Psycho' in Tree Hill, Plus Memorable Roles From Sleepy Hollow to Harper's Island

In some ways, Matt Barr has been preparing for his current role — Captain Leland Gallo on The CW’s Valor — ever since he first stepped foot on the Warner Bros. Studio lot in 2004. READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS