Post Mortems

FBI: International's Luke Kleintank on the Resolution of Forrester's Fly Team Future: 'I Know It Scared the Fans'

The following contains spoilers from the Jan. 24 episode of CBS’ FBI: International.

For weeks now, FBI: International‘s Special Agent Scott Forrester has been threatened, by muckety-muck Ken Dandridge, with the termination READ MORE

FBI: International's Luke Kleintank on Forrester's Dilemma: 'He Will Go to Any Lengths to Stay on the Fly Team, But...'

This week on FBI: International, the locking of horns between Special Agent Scott Forrester and muckety-muck Ken Dandridge hits a tipping point, as their approaches to cracking a case wildly differ. Could this be the clash that gets Forrester booted from the Fly Team for good? READ MORE