Love in the Wild Photo Recap: The Winner Is...

Love in the Wild wrapped its second season last night with a happy — if somewhat suspicious — ending, as well as a possible fertility ritual targeting its final two couples.

Yanina/Ken and Michelle/Ben (hey, I just realized our final two dudes have names that rhyme) embarked on a two-day challenge involving walkie-talkies, bicycle assembly, a long hike, and the retrieval of a pair of fertility statues via paddle boat. And while Ben/Michelle grabbed a short lead midway through the final leg, READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS

Love in the Wild Recap: Then There Were 2!

Last night’s Love in the Wild challenge had all the makings of a good Nancy Drew Mystery: A map in five pieces, a precarious ladder on the side of a cliff, a spooky cave, a runaway horse, and buried treasure. (The Secret of the Inexpensive Summer Reality Series?)

More importantly, though, we got down to the final two couples: READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS


Exclusive Love in the Wild Preview: Tension Rises for Ben and Michelle -- Who Do You Want to Win?

Here’s hoping the following exclusive preview of Tuesday night’s Love in the Wild doesn’t spell the beginning of the end for adorably chillaxed (and yes, please forgive my used of “chillaxed”) couple Ben and Michelle. READ MORE, WATCH VIDEO & TAKE OUR POLL

Love in the Wild Photo Recap: Treasured Chests!

It was a boob-centric week on Love in the Wild. New girl Michelle took hers out for some fresh Caribbean air. Jesse acted like one when he blithely ditched Tara — with whom he’d had some night-cam, under-the-covers fun — in favor of Ali. And all Jenny could talk about was her female rival’s bodacious tatas: …READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS

Love in the Wild Photo Recap: Cake Wasted! Alcohol Spilled! The Olympic Logo Besmirched!

Love in the Wild, the guiltiest pleasure (or is it pleasure-iest guilt) of my summer viewing lineup, bid farewell to its two most toxic contestants Tuesday night, while introducing a half-dozen new potential skanks to help stir up trouble among the six remaining couples.

But let’s be honest: …READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS


Love in the Wild Exclusive Video: 'I Lost My Temper, Beaten and Battered By a Guinea Fowl'

NBC’s oddly addictive Love in the Wild gives us a weekly look at the dynamics of male-female relationships in a stressful, competitive environment. But what happens when you add chickens and guinea fowl to the mix? Apparently, utter mayhem.

In this exclusive clip from Tuesday’s episode (10/9c on NBC), the couples are forced to …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Love in the Wild Season 2 Premiere: A Photo Recap of Snake Pits, Pole-Shimmying & More!

NBC’s oddly addictive Love in the Wild kicked off its second season Tuesday night, and while I could give you a straightforward recap of the proceedings, that would erroneously assume that anyone in America “cares” about who “won,” who “lost,” and who ended up in the dreaded “Unmatched Area.”

All you really need to know about the Season 2 premiere is this: READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS