Post Mortems

Dead to Me: The Story Behind Judy's 'No Big Deal' Same-Sex Romance

After spending much of Dead to Me‘s inaugural season infatuated with (and occasionally stalking) her ex-fiancé Steve, Linda Cardellini’s seemingly heterosexual Judy falls for a female chef (played by Natalie Morales) in Season 2 and no one READ MORE


Exclusive New Girl Video: Cece Attempts to Derail Schmidt's Fling With Jess' Sister

Schmidt’s lustfest with Jess’ sis Abby (Linda Cardellini) is still going strong in Tuesday’s New Girl (9/8c, Fox), but Cece’s green-eyed monster (or is it just friendly concern?) may bring the affair to a premature climax.

As previewed in the following clip, the episode opens with Schmidt and Abby celebrating …READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO