Kristin Bauer's True Blood Series Finale Preview Reduces Her to Tears!

We might want to start stocking TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con video suite with Kleenex, just to be prepared for interviews like Kristin Bauer‘s.

TheĀ True Blood actress got a little verklempt when telling Michael Ausiello about READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Once Upon a Time Visitor Kristin Bauer: 'Evil-Bitch Typecasting Is an Awesome Thing!'

Once Upon a Time will cast its spell again this Sunday (8/7c, ABC), and helping deliver the magic is one of our favorite TV scene-stealers, Kristin Bauer van Straten.

The True Blood actress is bringing to life the iconic fairy tale villainess Maleficent in the series’ Enchanted Forest, and while some actresses might voice concerns over one-too-many similar roles, Bauer van Straten does not. In fact, she tells TVLine …READ MORE