Post Mortems

Westworld EPs Dish Dolores' Decision, Ford's Plan, Other Parks and Season 2: 'We're Gonna See a Lot of Flies'

Warning: This post contains major spoilers from Westworld‘s Season 1 finale. 

Westworld‘s Season 1 finale Sunday answered a bunch of questions — What is at the READ MORE

Person of Interest EPs Defend Shocking Twist, Talk Unscripted Kiss, Tease 'Messy' Aftermath

Person of Interest creator Jonah Nolan says that when he rounded up his cast almost three years ago, the message was clear: “Nothing lasts forever.” That in unspooling this tale of two men, a Machine and the others in their orbit, the mandate was to keep the stakes real.

That much was confirmed this Tuesday night, when the CBS drama killed off …READ MORE

Fall TV Preview

Fall TV Mystery Solved! Person of Interest Will Explain How Its Crime-Predicting Gizmo Works

As technologically suspect as the crime-predicting “machine” at the heart of Person of Interest may seem, CBS’ new action-drama does plan to slowly — in keeping with the style of exec producer J.J. Abrams — shed light on how the contraption works.

“I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed,” executive producer Jonathan Nolan (The Dark Knight) told me at the Television Critics Association press tour, upon hearing my thought that maybe the seemingly unbelievable machine’s workings should never be referenced beyond the pilot. READ MORE