The Bottom Line: DWTS Would Have Lost Big With A Bristol Win

There is a fine line between competitive reality show results that shock us, and those that irreversibly undermine the fidelity of the vote tabulation process. ABC’s Dancing With the Stars toed that line, right up until Tuesday night’s penultimate elimination, when “teen advocate” Bristol Palin’s bid for the mirrored-ball trophy came to an end. READ MORE

Bristol Palin Loses Dancing With The Stars

After rousing the audience with a Dirty Dancing-inspired routine on Monday, Jennifer Grey was just crowned the winner of ABC’s Dancing With The Stars.

Grey was the most accomplished dancer among the three finalists, and ended the improbable run of Bristol Palin, who started her freestyle dance routine in a cage Monday in front her mother Sarah Palin seated with the audience. Still, Bristol overcame her lack of …READ MORE