Post Mortems

The Family Boss on That Big Adam Reveal: 'It's Not a Bait-and-Switch'

Fans of The Family, there’s something you should know: Series creator Jenna Bans has been holding out on you.

Long before the ABC drama came to fruition, when it was just a story pitched in a boardroom, Bans knew the major twist READ MORE

Off The Map Bosses Reveal More Off-The-Wall Medicine, Lost Secrets Learned

By now, you’ve heard it 100 times if you’ve heard it once: Off The Map is not simply “Grey’s Anatomy in a jungle.” Namely, ABC’s new medical drama (airing Wednesdays at 10/9c) must play by a whole new rulebook, given its extreme environs. And frankly, some of the doctors’ derring-do makes Yang’s “hardcore” diaper look like child’s play.

Off The Map creator Jenna Bans, along with EPs Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers, sat with TVLine to share an inside look at the cray-cray medical magic to come, as well as share the No. 1 tip their Hawaii-based production got from Lost boss Damon Lindelof. READ MORE