Post Mortems

Law & Order: Organized Crime Boss Tees Up Wheatley's Return, Answers Our Qs About 'EO' Romantic Summit

We come to bury Law & Order: Organized Crime‘s Eddie Ashes, not to praise him… but you’ve gotta admit: The first part of Season 2, with Stabler undercover as the ex-con arsonist, was pretty fun. READ MORE

Post Mortems

Empire EP Explains Why [Spoiler] Met a 'Grisly' End in Season 3 Premiere

To put a perverse twist on a Hakeem Lyon jam, a series-regular character went “drop-drop, drop-droppity-drop” — with fatal consequences — in Empire‘s Season 3 premiere. READ MORE & GRADE THE PREMIERE

Fall TV Preview

Empire EP on Rhonda-Anika Cliffhanger Fallout, Cookie's 'Pygmalion' Arc

Two women. One high-rise balcony. A violent struggle and a terrible scream. That’s where Empire left its startled fandom at the end of its Season 2 finale last May, as Rhonda went into street-brawl mode in an attempt to READ MORE