Filthy Rich's Gerald McRaney Defends His 'Complicated' Character, Reacts to the Series Premiere's Final Twist

Three things attracted Gerald McRaney to the role of Filthy Rich‘s swindling televangelist Eugene Monreaux: “The original script, [showrunner] Tate Taylor and Kim Cattrall,” he tells TVLine. And if you’ve seen the first episode of the Fox drama, you already know that McRaney’s third reason presents a bit of a problem. READ MORE


Does NCIS: LA Have One of TV's Best, Deepest Benches of Recurring Players?

This week on NCIS: Los Angeles, as Callen and Sam raced to Egypt to get a bead on kidnapped colleague Fatima Namazi, they required an assist from Vostanik Sabatino. For loyal viewers of the CBS procedural, the moment was loaded with READ MORE