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Once Upon a Time's Robert Carlyle and Emilie de Ravin Hail Up-Lifting Encore — But Can 'Rumbelle' Ever Reunite?

The following contains spoilers from this Friday’s Once Upon a  Time.

ABC’s Once Upon a Time this Friday night not only checked in on the status of Rumplestiltskin and Belle’s happy beginning back in Storybrooke, it proceeded to chronicle the couple’s epic journey from there — leading right up to READ MORE, GET SCOOP & GRADE IT!

Once Upon a Time's Emilie de Ravin Previews Belle's Return, Happy Ending: 'Prepare to Have a Lot of Emotions'

Tonight on Once Upon a Time (ABC, 8/7c), former series regular Emilie de Ravin returns for an episode that, among other things, takes us back to Belle and Rumplestiltskin’s Storybrooke existence before laying out, in spectacular fashion, the road to the couple’s happy ending.  READ MORE

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Once Upon a Time EP: Storybrooke Will Not Be Forgotten -- Plus: The Hook-Up You Won't See

Although Rumplestiltskin kissed Belle goodbye in the Season 2 finale of ABC’s Once Upon a Time — tasking her with a vague mission to hide Storybrooke from other lookie-loos as he and five others set course for Neverland — series cocreator Adam Horowitz tells TVLine there “absolutely” is a plan to continue visiting the Maine berg. READ MORE

Emilie De Ravin Previews Once Upon a Time's Sexy Switcheroo, Teases 'Sweet' Season 3 Twist

ABC’s Once Upon a Time returns Sunday at 8/7c with the first of Season 2’s final four episodes, kicking off with a tale in which Regina pulls a fast one on longtime foe Mr. Gold by turning his sweet love into a tart. Emilie De Ravin spoke with TVLine about Belle’s racy Lacey reversal, how the May 12  finale tees up an “anything goes” Season 3, and the times she most feels Lost on the set. READ MORE