The Walking Dead Cast Talks Michonne's Send-Off, Daryl's Fate and a Demise So Shocking, It Will Never Air

“I’d like [for Yumiko] to commit hari-kari” when it’s her time, announced Eleanor Matsuura when the cast of The Walking Dead stopped by TVLine’s San Diego Comic-Con 2019 video suite Saturday. Several of her co-stars also revealed READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO


Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira 'Campaigned' for Unscripted Nude Scene

Rick and Michonne ended up showing a good deal more skin than was initially intended during their first big romantic encounter in Sunday’s The Walking Dead — and you have Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira to thank for that. READ MORE & VIEW NSFW IMAGE

15 Black Women Who Should Be on Saturday Night Live's Hosting Shortlist

When Kenan Thompson told this week that Saturday Night Live avoids comedy-rich targets like Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and Beyoncé, Sleepy Hollow and Scandal because finding funny black female sketch comics is “just a tough part of the business,” all we could do was wince.

And then, when we decided to look at the numbers, we got really exasperated. READ MORE