Blood Drive's Colin Cunningham Details the Evolution of Slink — Plus: How He Asked for (And Got) Full Frontal Nudity

Blood Drive‘s titular race for years had been a subversive affair sneaked to lookie-loos via closed-circuit TV. But as the gauntlet gained a following, evil overlord Heart Enterprises stepped forward with a national broadcast and (gasp/ugh) “notes.” READ MORE

Falling Skies Preview: Will Pope Cook Up a Rescue Plan?

TNT’s Falling Skies (Sundays at 10/9c) has introduced the 2nd Massachusetts to a new and most unexpected enemy – the 7th Mass aka fellow resistance fighters who have made a deal with the extraterrestrial devil.

Alas, nobody back at home base realizes that the unit’s kids have all but been sold into trade, while Hal and Mike, who chaperoned the young’uns, are unaware of the double-cross that Lt. Terry Clayton has planned. Nor does anyone know that rascally Pope – last seen fleeing the 2nd Mass after the bike shop raid – is in the 7th Mass’ custody, tied up in the cellar. Will an unlikely hero come into play … READ MORE