Will Cisco Return for The Flash's Final Run? Carlos Valdes Weighs In...

While it will be fun to see Oliver Queen, Wally West and John Diggle return during The Flash‘s farewell run, the fact remains that No. 2 on fans’ wish list is to see Cisco one last time. What say Carlos Valdes? READ MORE

Post Mortems

How The Flash's Surprising (But Familiar?) New Foe Got a Last-Minute Makeover: 'It Was Too Intense'

This week on The Flash, Cisco’s investigation of a murder led to the reveal of a never-before-seen doppelganger from another Earth. Meanwhile, Nash Wells emerged from a subterranean adventure with some oddly auspicious news. READ MORE

The Flash's Carlos Valdes Previews Cisco's Macabre Mystery — And a 'Very Beautiful' Team Moment Ahead

This Tuesday on The Flash (The CW, 8/7c), Cisco gets a most unexpected visit from Earth-19’s Breacher, who comes bearing some very ominous news. With Barry and Iris enjoying a much-needed island getaway, it falls on Team Flash’s future leader to dive into the mystery that follows. READ MORE