Post Mortems

Grimm Episode 100: Claire Coffee and Bree Turner on Adalind and Rosalee's 'Shared Secret,' What It Means for Nick

This post contains spoilers for Friday’s episode of Grimm.

The moment Adalind Schade has feared for months arrived — in snarling, bone-cracking fashion — during Friday’s Grimm. READ MORE

Grimm's Bree Turner Talks 'Monrosalee' Inching Toward the Altar, Bringing the Wolf Home to Mom

Bringing home your boyfriend for the first time can be a harrowing experience under the best circumstances.

But when you’re a Fuchsbau and he’s a Blutbad? And when, thanks to some questionable decisions in your past, you’re not on the best terms with your family in the first place?

Good luck, little fox. READ MORE