Bachelor Pad Photo Recap: American Horror Story

Bachelor Pad is definitely the worst thing to happen on television in the last 24 hours (if not 24 months), and yet not only am I recapping it, I’ve taken a rooting interest in which of its bedraggled, hard-drinking cast members wins the $250,000 cash prize and/or “love.”

Last night’s episode found teammates Blakeley and Tony winning the respective women’s and men’s tea-cup race challenges, and extending immunity to …READ MORE

Bachelor Pad Recap: Sex, Fug and Rocky Road

In case you were worried that ABC’s Monday-night crapsterpiece Bachelor Pad was going highbrow — all together now: “not me!” — this week’s episode featured a “Hot Sludge Fundae” obstacle course with a sack race/peanut slathering station that allowed host Chris Harrison to instruct the 16 remaining contestants to get in their “nut sacks.” READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS

TVLine Items: New Dexter Promo Puzzles Deb, Bachelor Pad Returns Down and More!

Deb has always been thisclose to uncovering the truth about who her “brother” really is. And, as the latest promo for Dexters upcoming seventh season (premiering Sept. 30) insists, her walking in on him offing a man last year was the last piece of the murderous puzzle — one she’s finally ready to assemble. READ MORE & WATCH PROMO

Bachelor Pad Season 3 Cast Announced: Identical Twins 'Will Compete as One Person,' Says ABC

Remember that Monday night last summer where you consumed three-quarters of a bottle of chardonnay and fell asleep on your living room couch watching a Season 2 episode of Bachelor Pad? Well, the absurdist nightmare you droolingly woke from during your local news — you know, the one with Erica Rose’s tiara, Michael Stagliano’s tears, the twins from The Shining, and a person whose actual name is Kalon — is about to come true. READ MORE