Post Mortems

American Horror Stories' Cody Fern Reacts to Confused Tweets About His Australian Accent's U.S. TV Debut

Cody Fern is getting a bizarre amount of flack on social media for his role in Episode 6 of American Horror Stories, mostly about how he “can’t do an Australian accent for s–t!” If only those haters had taken a second to Google him, they’d know how stupid they sound. READ MORE & GRADE IT

Post Mortems

American Horror Stories Episode 5: Ronen Rubinstein Was 'Relieved' by the Ending, Despite Those 'Brutal' Twists

Whoa, baby! American Horror Stories delivered its most devilish installment yet with Episode 5, an unsettling hour loaded with demonic scares, table-turning surprises and, of course, plenty of NCIS references. READ MORE

Aaron Tveit Goes Full Patrick Bateman in American Horror Stories Episode 2: 'It's Brutal, Violent and Unexpected'

Heads off up: We’re spoiling American Horror Stories‘ “Rubber (Wo)man Part Two,” now streaming on FX on Hulu.

Not many people would jump at the chance to get stabbed by a man in a rubber suit, but when the chance to work with Ryan Murphy is at stake, that choice becomes much clearer. READ MORE