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The Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip Premiere Recap: Season 3 Is Serving Bad Weather Heather and… Pepsi?

The Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip, RHUGT
Courtesy of Peacock

The Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip Season 3 just dropped its first three episodes on Peacock, and we have thoughts. The villa’s concierge, Pepsi, is in, and Bad Weather Heather is out!

The third season of RHUGT gathers Housewives from the Potomac, Atlanta, Salt Lake City and Miami franchises for a Thailand vacation where the women explore new territory (of the physical and emotional variety). While the cast is full of reality-TV legends, this season premiere birthed a new star: Pepsi.

After meeting each of the women, Pepsi-the-concierge shares his first impressions in a confessional:

Whitney is “beautiful” and smiles all the time; Gizelle “is… funny” (a polite Pepsi-ism for high-maintenance); Porsha is “wow” (Actually, “wow, wow, wow.”); Heather is “quite like a princess”; Alexia is “like a rabbit” who never stops and never just, like, stands around; “Your Highness,” Leah, is “calm, but she still has a secret in her”; Marysol? “That’s another princess, too”; Candiace is a “superstar.”

With character recaps that spot-on, Pepsi might be coming for our jobs!

Pepsi practically produces the show by making room selections (avoiding the traditional Housewives vacation fight, but leaving Leah wondering: “Why does Pepsi hate me?” after discovering she has the smallest quarters) and keeping the women on a tight schedule. (Yeah, Leah, you woke up late. You have 15 minutes, girl!)

Pepsi’s charm oozes into all of his scenes, so much so that you might have missed the foreboding rumblings of bad weather on Thailand’s horizon. What do we mean? We’re talking about the icy, cold front that is Bad Weather Heather. She’s raining, she’s pouring, but we are definitely not snoring.

Here’s a definitive list of all the questionable things that Heather, the soon-to-be-former fan favorite, does during the first three episodes of RHUGT:

* She tells Leah she would support her sobriety, then turns around to another group of women and says, “Let’s get Leah drunk.”

* She attempts to social climb her way to a friendship with Porsha (who has 7 million followers).

* In regards to her relationship with convicted con artist Jen Shah, Heather says she has “shown up for Jen,” but never supported her. (Um, what?)

* SHE ACTS UP THE ENTIRE TIME ON THE YACHT. (Whitney is “so thirsty, it’s disgusting”??? Whitney is thirsty to please Gizelle?! My, oh my, the pot is calling the kettle black and that pot looks a lot like a thirsty Heather Gay still out here trying to please Jen Shah!)

Where does everyone else stand? Whitney is in, simply because Heather is out (duh). Porsha, so far, is most definitely in. (And she has delivered all the laughs. Keep up the mud-slinging elephant sanctuary shenanigans, Porsha.) Candiace, Marysol and Alexia haven’t yet made much of an impact either way. And Leah? With her messy pot-stirring at the end of Episode 3, she’ll likely be joining Heather on the outs soon enough. Only more time in Thailand will tell.

Which Housewife do you think made the biggest splash? Let us know in the comments.

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