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Pretty Little Liars Recap
Courtesy of Freeform

It was Hanna’s turn to roll the proverbial (and literal) dice on Tuesday’s Pretty Little Liars, but her turn at the board didn’t go quite as smoothly as Emily and Spencer’s.

Hanna’s troubles when fashion blogger Runway Rebel accused her of stealing Claudia’s designs in order to dress Katherine — and the accusations couldn’t have started flying at a less opportune time, mere hours before Hanna and Lucas were due to meet with their investors. Arguably even more problematic: A.D. picked out a risqué look for Hanna to wear, one that would surely offend her conservative Japanese bankrollers. (Man, the problems on this show are getting so relatable!)

Unfortunately for Hanna, she never even made it to the meeting. Moments before stepping onto the elevator with Lucas, Hanna received word (via text, naturally) that Caleb was in the hospital; he’d been gassed while trying to take apart A.D.’s board game. So even though Caleb survived (win!), Hanna didn’t receive the special prize she would have gotten had she attended the meeting.

What was the prize, you ask? My guess is that it was the severed finger Detective Furey received in the mail during the episode’s closing scene. (Moral of the story: You play the game, or A.D. sends evidence to the cops. Sounds… fair?)

Elsewhere this week…

* Yvonne finally came out of her coma — just in time to say “I do” to Toby! (For those of you keeping score at home, that’s the second surprise wedding on Freeform this week.) Unfortunately, it was also the last commitment she’d ever get to make; during a heartbreaking conversation about her future with Toby, his new bride took her last breath.

* Aria and Emily tracked down Sydney, believed to be Runway Rebel’s anonymous source, only to discover that she and Jenna are both being manipulated by A.D. (Hell, Sydney actually thinks it stands for “anonymous donor.”)

* Spencer and Marco spent the hour bonding over ping pong, while I spent the hour wondering, “How can you literally see his abs through this shirt?!”

* Aria caught the tail end of a TV interview with Nicole, in which she said that the thought of seeing Ezra again was what helped her survive. Needless to say, she was bummed. … But that disappointment quickly turned to panic and surprise when Aria arrived home to find Nicole sitting all alone in the dark. (Seriously, WTF, lady?)

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Yvonne’s death? Marco’s ridiculously tight shirt? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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