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911 Recap Season 6 Episode 13
Courtesy of Fox

After weeks of secrets and lies, Monday’s 9-1-1 exposed a major betrayal that changed how one member of the 118 will handle their family moving forward.

Hen and Karen assumed the worst when Denny didn’t get off the school bus, but they never could have imagined the reason — that he’s been spending time with his birth father behind both of their backs. The truth came out when Nathaniel and Denny were hit by another driver at an intersection; Denny emerged unscathed, but Nathaniel’s more significant injuries required surgery.

When Hen and Karen finally confronted Nathaniel in his hospital room, he figured they were going to forbid him from seeing Denny again, but they surprised him by offering a different deal entirely. “Denny loves you, and we don’t want to take that away from him,” Hen said, though the couple made one thing very clear: “Our son, our rules.”

Elsewhere on Monday’s 9-1-1

* Maddie met one of her and Chimney’s new neighbors, or at least that’s who she claimed to be. After a little detective work, “Carol” was revealed to be a fresh-out-of-jail coupon forger whose clients were reaching her at Maddie and Chimney’s address, lest the police catch wind of her illegal activity. Boy, did she pick the wrong house.

* Eddie hypothesized that Buck’s sudden mathematic abilities could be a side effect of the brain injury he suffered after being struck by lightning, putting it to the ultimate test at an underground poker game with other first responders. I’m no medical professional, so I can’t speak to the validity of Eddie’s theory, but I do know that a #Buddie subplot was just what the doctor ordered.

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