FBI Boss Teases Intense Maggie/OA Episode, ‘A Lot of Emotional Moments’

FBI Is Maggie Leaving Dying
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Fans of CBS‘ well-watched FBI are on edge.

This Tuesday’s episode, titled “Fear Nothing,” first raised eyebrows withits logline, which said that OA (played by Zeeko Zaki) will be forced to “confront one of his biggest fears” when it’s discovered that deadly sarin gas may have been sold to terrorists.

Then came a white-knuckle promo (below) which reveals that OA’s partner, Maggie (Missy Peregrym), winds up exposed to said gas — and has no means to flee to fresh air.

Add in 1) stills of almost everyone on the team seemingly standing vigil at a hospital… 2) the fact that Peregrym is about due for maternity leave (having previously done so in spring of 2020)…. and 3) the general trend of “shocking exits” by TV series’ original cast members, and, well, FBI viewers have good cause to be glued to this Tuesday’s episode.

As suggested by the promo, “It’s really that intense,” showrunner Rick Eid assures TVLine. And that’s not just because no less than Jon Cassar, onetime 24 executive producer (and that real-time drama’s go-to director) helmed this week’s episode.

Because directors are booked well in advance of scripts being locked, “We got lucky that [Jon] came up in that slot,” Eid notes. “It was good that a really action-driven episode happened to fall on his episode. Serendipity, we’ll take it!”

If we can ease your tensions if only for a moment, know that Tuesday’s episode (the 18th of this season’s 22), actually features, early on, a very light-hearted breakfast convo between OA and Maggie, about surfing lessons and dating apps. (“Be wary when everyone’s happy! It’s not bound to last,” Eid jokes.) Watch a sneak peek below:


But once the sarin gas (as well as a variety of sinister booby traps) come into play, “There are a lot of emotional moments” to be had, Eid previews. “It’s very suspenseful, and [with Maggie and OA] you get to see and feel how important their partnership is, to each other.”

As for what viewers will be seeing and feeling during the nailbiter’s final minutes, Eid suspects that “hearts will be racing very fast… and there may be a few tears shed.”

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