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The Other Two Season 3 Premiere Recap: Hello, Nurse! (Plus, Grade It!)

The Other Two Season 3 Premiere
Courtesy of HBO Max

Cary’s big movie is finally getting released after years of COVID delays on The Other Two — but of course, true stardom still might be out of reach.

The Other Two Season 3 Premiere Lance BrookeSeason 3 picks up three years later, as Curtis tells us on The Gay Minute that Cary’s movie Night Nurse is coming out after experiencing “the most COVID delays of any movie.” Cary is excitedly getting ready for his big Hollywood premiere… and he and Brooke both go with the “suit jacket, no shirt” look. Their famous little brother Chase is almost 18 years old now, which we know because everyone is lusting after the fresh meat, literally growing fangs in the process. (His sophomore album flopped, though… because it came out on January 6, 2021.) Brooke is annoyed that her goofy boyfriend Lance — now her goofy fiancé! — gave up on fashion design to become a nurse, with everyone oohing and ahhing over what a wonderful person he is while she spent the whole pandemic binge-watching TV. Chase’s manager Streeter is juggling D-list clients like “the TikTok beekeeper lady,” and just as Cary’s movie is about to screen, the premiere gets shut down, with the director announcing: “I’m hearing this movie theater has been sold. Everyone needs to leave. This is now a Starbucks.” Oh well.

Cary is forced to host a screening of his movie at his apartment, but all his guests leave after he spends hours just trying to remember his Hulu login. Brooke heads to a party at Lance’s hospital, rolling her eyes at all the “nurses are heroes” talk and wondering if everyone became a better person during the pandemic but her. (Former agent Pitzi Pyle is now a sign language interpreter and raves that every morning, “I start bawling. Out of joy!”) Brooke lashes out of Lance afterwards, reminding him he’s not all that great before scrolling through her contacts to find a real estate friend named Jo who is now all in on conspiracy theories about elite pedophile rings. A-ha! Meanwhile, Cary spots someone watching his movie in an apartment across the street and sneaks over to watch through their window, only to see them switch over to Friends. He finds another neighbor watching Night Nurse, but he’s also watching gay nurse porn on his laptop. Cary yells at him for not even paying attention to a movie he worked so hard to make (“So many people died!”), so the guy agrees to watch it — as long as they also watch the guy’s own movie that’s on Apple TV+.

The Other Two Season 3 Premiere ChaseRunning out of options, Cary turns to his mom Pat, who agrees to host a screening at her lavish new mansion. Yes, she parlayed her talk show into her own TV network, we learn: “I’m worth almost a billion dollars now, Cary. Isn’t that insane?” (When Lance asks for Reese’s Pieces, Pat just tweets something about it, and free candy shows up at her door instantly. Celebrity!) Brooke brings Jo with her and cackles with delight as Jo rants about Dr. Fauci’s emails, but Chase throws a fit when he sees Streeter with another client. He’s worried that Streeter doesn’t want to represent him anymore, now that his album tanked. “No one here cares about your singing, at all,” Streeter reassures him, promising never to drop him and even going in for a kiss… before stopping himself because Chase doesn’t turn 18 until tomorrow.

Lance tells Brooke he sent Jo home because he figured out she only invited her to make fun of her, and that’s “unkind.” So Brooke snaps at him and abruptly decides to spend the night at her mother’s. She tears up during the screening of Cary’s movie, which he thinks is about the movie — but we know it’s not. When the movie ends, Cary gets the standing ovation he’s wanted all along, walking home on air before collapsing into bed. But not before scrolling through Twitter and checking the #NightNurse hashtag to see all the nice things people are tweeting about it. Maybe stardom isn’t that far away after all.

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