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Mandalorian Season 3 Finale Spoilers
Mandalorian Season 3 Finale Spoilers
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It sounds like only a Snuggie made of beskar might keep you from getting wounded by The Mandalorian‘s upcoming Season 3 finale.

As if — SPOILER ALERT FOR THE LATEST EPISODE! — seeing Din Djarin get hogtied like… well, a hog… by Moff Gideon’s troopers didn’t drum up enough anxiety (especially for a harrowed, onlooking Grogu), the Season 3 finale streaming this Wednesday, April 19 promises to “hurt” viewers in its own special way.

Brendan Wayne, who is one of the two actors most often inside the Mando suit — and who this season, alongside Lateef Crowder, is getting more prominent billing in the closing credits — shared in a recent Instagram Story, “This next episode is gonna make you wish you hadn’t asked for more,” because “it might just hurt too much.”

Brendan Wayne, Pedro Pascal and Lateef Crowder (Getty Images for Disney)Getty Images for Disney

Now, why might that be?

For one, the title of the most recent episode, “The Spies (plural), got fans speculating about who has been secretly plotting against Mando & Co. this whole time.

After all, said episode confirmed that Elia Kane is indeed doing Moff Gideon’s dirty work as an Amnesty program member on Coruscant. But no other character in that episode was shown to be a spy per se, leaving the door open for a meaningful betrayal yet to be revealed.

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Were the ragtag Mandalore survivors played by The Last Ship‘s Charles Parnell, Breaking Bad‘s Charles Baker et al not what they appeared to be? (After all, they did lead Bo’s landing party straight to the trap nearby the Great Forge.)

Or is the mole an even more important figure in Din and Bo’s more immediate orbit? (Hmm, how did Moff Gideon know that the Darksaber was now back in Bo-Katan’s possession…?)

What are your predictions for The Mandalorian‘s latest season finale? Is a heartbreaking betrayal about to be revealed, or will the big “hurt” teased by Brendan Wayne come in the form of a major death?

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