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The Flash Recap: Unsteady Eddie — The Series Finale’s Stakes Are Revealed

This week in the penultimate episode of The Flash ever, Eddie Thawne reunited with Barry, in the year 2049 — after which the resurrected detective was faced with a pivotal decision.

In “A New World, Part Three,” the scientist formerly known as Malcolm Gilmore came to realize that he is very much the late Eddie Thawne, resurrected. But just as he debated Korber on what to do next, a singularity appeared in the 2049 sky and sucked away the CCPD captain.

Eddie made tracks for STAR Labs, to consult with The Flash. Arriving at the Flash Museum, he realized that Reverse-Flash managed to live on, even after Eddie sacrificed his life to “end” his descendant. Eddie then was nearly steered wrong by a version of Nora as his own, blonde daughter, but the real Nora whisked him away. Nora, along with future Allegra, Chester and Cecile (not exactly looking 26 years older, any of ’em!), wondered what to do with Eddie, since their Barry is busy in outer space.

After sending a message to 2049’s Barry via the time vault, Nora was next to be possessed by the cobalt crystal. She took Eddie back to Mercury Labs and began goading him into fulfilling his “purpose.” After all, the other Thawnes were “a pretty big deal,” she noted — or at least they were supposed to be. Meaning, Eddie threw his life away for nothing. Producing the cobalt crystal in her palm, Nora offered Eddie the chance to reclaim all he lost, but he declined.

For now.

After Eddie walked away, our Barry rematerialized there in 2049, once again yanked through time by dark energy. Or something. When Barry went in for a hug from Nora, she zapped him with the cobalt crystal. But before she could go in for a kill shot, Eddie interrupted. Barry got free and sped Eddie home — to the West house where Malcom Gilmore lived. Upon seeing a plaque about Malcolm transform into one about Joe, Barry explained that the Negative Speed Force had created this “false reality” of a home, as part of its bid to entice resurrected Eddie. Here, Eddie started getting a bit glitchy, taunted by the NSF in his head into lashing out at Barry for, among other things, stealing his would-be wife and his life.

Barry had to leave to tangle with a still-possessed Nora downtown, so Eddie decided to pay 2049 Iris a visit. Iris was quick to glean that he was in fact her Eddie, and they hugged. Eddie explained that he had a decision to make, and he couldn’t do it without first seeing Iris — even if it was for the last time. “I just want to do the right thing,” he maintained, but the “voice in my head” is confusing him. But when Eddie regarded a West-Allen family photo and saw it transform into one of him, Iris and Blonde Nora, he said he has decided to stick around.

Iris made clear she isn’t picking up what Eddie is laying down — “It was always Barry, I love Barry, and I love the life that we’ve built together.” “You’re going to regret that,” Eddie hissed back, before returning to his lab and being convinced by the NSF to “accept the power” of the cobalt crystal — inside of which we see Zoom, Reverse-Flash, Savitar and Godspeed “waiting” for him — “and end the legacy of Barry Allen forever.”

Back downtown, possessed Nora lobbed Barry around good, until 2049’s Cecile (aka a costumed “Virtue”) stepped in and blasted the Negative Speed Force out of Nora. After they returned to STAR Labs, Chester explained that the red energy-filled skies forming overhead was not lightning, but the timeline “fracturing.” And at a rapid pace!

Our Barry then stole a moment with 2049’s Iris, temped to ask so many things, including if she’s happy. “Yes, we’re happy,” she assured him. “Every day I love you more than I thought possible.” Alas, the dark energy then yanked Barry away, yet again….

Next stop, series finale! Watch the promo above.

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