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Scream: Resurrection
Courtesy of VH1

Do you like scary TV shows? Good, because we’re about to break down the first two episodes of VH1’s Scream: Resurrection. Proceed at your own risk…

A new (albeit condensed) murder mystery was launched on Monday with the premiere of Scream: Resurrection, which introduced viewers to a fresh crop of potential victims, as well as an intriguing theory about which ne’er-do-well might be lurking beneath the iconic Ghostface mask this time.

Let’s start with the victims: Resurrection‘s budding mystery revolves around Deion Elliot (played by Power Rangers‘ RJ Cyler), an all-star football player who remains forever tormented by the death of his twin brother Marcus, who was killed eight years earlier on Halloween night. As a result, the holiday is fairly triggering for Deion, which we learn during a conversation with his concerned mother (played by The Umbrella Academy‘s Mary J. Blige). “I’m good,” he tells her. “I’m not seeing ghosts anymore.”

Of course, this quickly changes when Ghostface begins targeting members of the “Deadfast Club,” a motley crew of high-school archetypes who convene during a surprisingly racist detention session. (“I won’t call your names,” the teacher tells them. “Mostly because they’re so complicated.” Wow.) This mixed bag of characters includes activist Kym (Scream Queens‘ Keke Palmer), who spends her lunch period screaming at other students about President Trump; Kym’s more-than-just-a-gay-best-friend Manny (Iron Fist‘s Giullian Yao Gioiello); Liv (Recovery Road‘s Jessica Sula), the school “princess” whose hot dad also happens to be in law enforcement; Amir (Notorious‘ CJ Wallace), a soft-spoken individual who helps run his family’s donut shop; and Beth (The Punisher‘s Giorgia Whigham), the show’s resident horror movie buff who also smells like “Skittles and smoke.” Unrelated, but still interesting.

After giving the gang a few good scares, Ghostface turns up the heat by gathering everyone at a sketchy rave hosted by an unknown party benefactor named “Mr. Fade,” where he claims his first big victim: a real d-bag named Avery, who was apparently targeted because he failed to reveal his true self — a racist. “Show me your insides, or you’re next!” reads a text they all receive after Avery’s brutal murder, inspiring Beth to explain the rules of the deadly game they didn’t even know they were playing.

“We’re being hunted by a killer here,” she says. “Killers have codes, and horror has rules.” Though she acknowledges that Liv has “final girl potential,” her predictions for the rest of the group are pretty grim. “Goth? Geek? Gay? Not a chance. We’re usually the first ones that drop,” she says of herself, Amir and Manny. As for Deion and Kym, “Don’t take this the wrong way, but you guys are black. In horror, that’s pretty much an insta-kill.”

No one is thrilled by this deduction, but Kym has a particularly difficult time accepting it, especially after Ghostface kills a hot drug dealer in her neighborhood. From this point on, she decides she’s done following the rules of horror as decided upon by white people. “We’re making our own rules,” she says. “Just like Jordan Peele!” This includes going after the killer, as opposed to waiting for him to come after them. And because most of the group believes that the killer is a burnout named Shane (Teen Wolf‘s Tyler Posey), they do what anyone would do in this situation: they lure him to a secluded space, gas him, then tie him to a chair for interrogation.

Unfortunately, it seems they’ve jumped to conclusions a bit too soon; not only did Shane receive the same “Show me your insides!” text as the rest of the Deadfast Club, but the second episode ends with him foaming at the mouth after being pumped full of drugs (through his eye!) by Ghostface.

To make matters even more complicated, Liv drops a pretty massive bombshell on Deion: Not only does she believe that Marcus is alive, but she thinks he’s the one underneath the Ghostface mask. Dun, dun, DUN!

Questions after Episodes 1 and 2…

* Who’s going to take care of Shane’s sick mother now that he’s dead?!

* How funny is Keke Palmer on this show? The franchise has always poked fun at itself, but some of her lines — for example, saying that Ghostface will get out of prison in no time because “his face is white” — are just so sharp.

* How will you feel if Marcus turns out to be the killer? Will you be relieved that a theory actually panned out for once, or disappointed that the show made it so obvious?

OK, Scream fans, it’s time to weigh in: Was Resurrection worth the wait? Grade the first pair of episodes below, then drop a comment with your initial theories.

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