Love Connection Flashback: 5 Totally ’80s Dates From the Classic Show

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True love never fades… and neither do old Love Connection clips.

With Fox rebooting the classic dating show this week, we thought we’d dig into the archives to find a few memorable dates from the 1983-94 Chuck Woolery original. And three decades later, it’s still a fascinating watch. The hair! The clothes! The outdated social norms!

Read on for five dates — some good, some horrible — that capture the kitschy, corny charm of Love Connection at its very best.

Louis Likes His Date’s “Private Parts”

Louis — an actor who would go on to play Johnny Sack’s brother-in-law on The Sopranos! — is a “touchy-feely” guy who’s like the sleazy neighbor on an ’80s sitcom. And he finds someone to touch and feel in Angela, who made quite a first impression on him: “Her eyes, her lips, her nose, her ears, her private parts… everything was so gorgeous.” And she liked him, too! (“When he kissed me, it made my tummy tickle.”) It goes so well, Louis actually thinks about proposing to her on the show. But they settle for some intense cuddling on Chuck’s couch.

Jennifer Is “Compulsively Intimate”

Jennifer is a real space cadet, like a real-life Phoebe Buffay. She describes herself as “compulsively intimate” (?) and prefers having “a handful” of men to monogamy. She makes her poor date George go on a treasure hunt to find her, and she had already gone on another date earlier that night… and oops! She wasn’t supposed to mention the Jacuzzi! But when the studio audience picks a different date for her, she happily ditches George because “I’d like to go up in a hot-air balloon next!”

Herb Is a Peeping Tom

Herb has a foolproof method for getting to know a woman on the first date: He walks in on his date Belinda while she’s showering! (A total accident, he insists.) After telling Chuck about his love of peach schnapps and calling Belinda a “thoroughbred,” Herb recounts how things went after dinner: “We decided to go to bed.” (To sleep, you pervs.) Then in the morning, he got handsy with Belinda, calling it “a little wake-up massage.” But Belinda didn’t mind; she calls all of it “innocent fun.” OK, then!

Chris the Caped Crusader

Chris Christian (yes, that’s his real name) is a real catch, ladies: He turned one of his cars into the Batmobile! But his date with Angela doesn’t start out great: He thinks she looked better in the video, calling her “kinda big around the thighs.” (!) As for Angela, she didn’t like Chris’ ’70s van (“it looked like he lived in it”) or his ’70s shirt. And here’s a pitfall that modern daters don’t have to worry about: She got bad directions to the restaurant! GPS wouldn’t have done much to save this date, though.

Stephen the Long-Haired Metal God

If you told me this guy was a Kyle Mooney SNL character in a funny wig, I’d believe you. But no, Stephen is a heavy-metal musician with an enviable mane of long, luxurious locks. He finds a perfect match in the equally big-haired Sherri, and the two hit it off right away, making out on the Ferris wheel — and, presumably, exchanging hair-care tips.

Got your own fond Love Connection memories? Share ’em with us in the comments.

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