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Family Guy Meg Married Mila Kunis Leaving
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Meg may be the most hated member of the Griffin family, but that doesn’t mean we want her to move to another continent.

Yet that’s exactly what happened in Sunday’s Family Guy Season 21 finale, an atypical continuation of last week’s episode, during which Meg decided to stay in Russia after helping Stewie and Brian track down an Instagram hacker named Ivan.

Adjusting to life in Russia proved effortless for Meg, who was so taken by her dreary new surroundings that she opened the episode with a Beauty and the Beast parody, greeting each of her terrifying neighbors in song as she strolled blissfully through town.

Meg even seemed genuinely into Ivan, who remained by her bedside after the Russian government hospitalized her for posting about craving “a good old-fashioned American cheeseburger” on social media. But Meg’s steady diet of turnips wasn’t the only problem with her new life in Russia; shortly after wedding Ivan in one of television’s most passionless ceremonies, she overheard him boasting about tricking her into a green card marriage. (Wait a minute, the guy who was introduced as a scam artist turned out to be… a scam artist? Plot twist!)

So Meg, being Meg, did the Meggiest thing she could possibly Meg: She took Ivan’s phone, tweeted anti-Russian sentiments — including “I don’t care for fur hats,” which was quite brazen — and walked away triumphantly as the authorities arrived to apprehend him.

I won’t lie, I went into this episode thinking (at least a tiny bit) that Meg might actually stay in Russia. Family Guy‘s episodes are largely standalones, but the show has occasionally shaken things up over the years. Remember when Cleveland moved away? Or when they killed off Diane Simmons? Or when Bonnie finally had her damn baby?

But no, the Mila Kunis fandom can breathe a sigh of relief, as Meg will indeed be back on Spooner Street when Family Guy returns for Season 22. Then again, she is still married and Ivan isn’t dead, so maybe we haven’t seen the last of him — for better or worse.

Meanwhile, here’s what Meg missed in Quahog this week: Lois’ insistence that Chris take on an extracurricular activity led him to directing porn at school with Principal Shepherd. For those of you keeping track at home, that makes Chris the second member of the Griffin family to find success in the adult film industry; Brian won a Woody for a picture he directed back in Season 3.

Did you think there was a chance that Meg might actually stay in Russia? Grade the Family Guy finale below, then drop a comment with your thoughts.

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