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The Challenge: World Championship Finale Recap: Who Conquered Their Fears to Become Global Champs?

The Challenge: World Championship finale
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The eliminations are over and the stage is set for The Challenge: World Championship‘s grand finale. But with four teams of global badasses fighting hard for that half-a-mill cash prize, who came out on top as the franchise’s first-ever world champs? Let’s recap all of the action!

After Yes and Emily exit stage left, the players head straight to the final challenge. “The Fear Express” picks them up at a local train station, and from the looks of it, it’s a nightmare waiting to happen.

DAY 1 | In the morning, TJ is dressed like a train conductor, as he gives the players a breakdown of what’s in store. (We’ve reached 100 percent, full-fat cheese here.) Part 1 of the final is called “Loops of Hell.” Players will run four four-mile loops and complete a checkpoint at the end of each one. The checkpoints are all different and are first-come, first-served. They must also carry with them canisters to use at some unknown point in time. After their 16-mile trek, TJ tells them to prepare for “a whole lot more.” Sounds gnarly.

The teams don’t make it too fair before the first injury goes down: Theo rolls his ankle. And it’s waaaay too early for that nonsense. (But hey, the dude survived that War of the Worlds final and that one was so brutal it required IVs!) It’s sad to see him struggling, especially since it took forever for the guy to make it back on the show.

The Challenge: World Championship finaleFor the four checkpoints, teams must drink a disgusting smoothie, crack a code in a number game, toss large screws into a target, and arrange weights in order of lightest to heaviest. After the first checkpoint, Kaycee and Troy lose their early lead, while Sarah and Theo fall way behind due to the ankle sitch.

After the 16 miles come to an end, Jordan and Kaz are in first place, Kaycee and Troy land in second and Danny and Tori take third. On their way to the fourth checkpoint, Theo can no longer stand the pain, and Sarah and Theo remove themselves from the competition. It’s a terrible way for them to go out, especially after fighting so hard all season.

Back on the train, there are three hospital beds, allowing only one member per team to get a treatment of fluids. (THE IVS ARE BACK?!) Kaycee, Danny and Kaz opt for the instant hydration as the train departs for its next stop.

Challenge World Championship FinaleNIGHT 1 | TJ gives the teams keys that he says are very important to finishing the final. In the next car, the Luxury Liner, they all receive fresh threads (despite everyone explaining they all smell like vomit) and a bountiful meal to consume. They’re all looking at TJ in confusion, waiting for the catch. They dress up like it’s a Great Gatsby sequel and start to nosh… until Teej arrives with shock collars. (There it is!)

If anyone falls asleep, they get shocked! But thanks to all of their hard work, Jordan and Kaz get one measly hour of sleep, Kaycee and Troy get 30 minutes and Tori and Danny get a whopping 15 minutes of shut-eye. (At least they don’t have to sleep in a snake pit or stand up all night on a log? Count your blessings, I guess.)

DAY 2 AND A RACE TO THE FINISH | To start the day, the teams must bike through a rough and rocky trail, then race on foot to the finish line. After the bike ride, Kaycee and Troy lose their lead when Jordan and Kaz truck right on by. Kaycee’s in a world of hurt, prompting Troy to hoist her on his back, but their delay gives Jordan and Kaz a running start on a slide puzzle. The puzzle requires their two keys plus the team’s canister in order to unlock and complete it.

Jordan and Kaz finish the puzzle, and are told to race to the top of a scary looking mountain for a big surprise. Danny and Tori finally make it to the slide puzzle, but as Kaycee’s body continues shutting down, Jordan and Kaz start to pull away.

Challenge World Championship Jordan KazAt this point, it’s Jordan and Kaz’s game to lose. They make it to the top, grab one last key and are told to follow the arrows back down to the bottom. They run and run and run until they find TJ and slide their key into a trophy case lock. The host makes it official and announces that they’re the first-ever WORLD CHAMPIONS! Danny and Tori come in second place, while Kaycee and Troy finish it out in third.

Did the right team win? Who were you rooting for? Grade the finale and season below, then hit the comments!

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