Young Sheldon: Every Big Bang Theory Cameo, Easter Egg and Future Reveal

As we await the seventh (and possibly final) season of Big Bang Theory spinoff Young Sheldon, TVLine is taking stock of the prequel series’ many nods, cameos and crossovers with the mothership.

First launched in September 2017, Young Sheldon fills in the details of Dr. Cooper’s upbringing in East Texas. The story starts off in 1989, and is told from the point of view of a more mature Sheldon, “who is older now [and] seeing his parents in a different light for the first time.” This altered perspective has allowed the spinoff to chart its own path and occasionally diverge from Big Bang canon without ever disrespecting what preceded it.

Whether you’re familiar with the prequel or simply curious, the following guide provides a rundown of all the ways the single-camera offshoot has paid homage to Big Bang, provided answers to some of our lingering questions (for starters, what’s a Bazinga?!), and painted a clearer picture of Sheldon’s relationship with his family, including his ill-fated father. Also featured are multiple Easter eggs, crossovers that took place after the mothership ended, and details about Sheldon and Amy’s future that were never disclosed on BBT. We’ve also included season and episode numbers for those who want to watch (or rewatch) select episodes.

TVLine will continue to update this guide throughout Young Sheldon‘s run on CBS. In the meantime, scroll through the following list to see if you’ve caught every tip of the hat to The Big Bang Theory, then drop a comment below.