Post Mortems

YOU Team Breaks Down Season 4's First Kill, Marienne's Return, Joe's New Obsession and More in Episode 1

The internet’s favorite murderer is back with a vengeance (and a beard!) for a fourth season of his Netflix thriller. And this time, it’s a whole new YOU.

As revealed in Part 1, now streaming, the man formerly known as Joe Goldberg has fled Madre Linda for a quiet life across the pond. Reborn as English professor Jonathan Moore, the well-read sociopath is starting over in London, determined to avoid matters of the heart — be it stealing them or stopping them.

Despite Joe’s new persona, however, Penn Badgley insists that he’s “not playing a role.” Instead he’s “choosing to almost hide in plain sight and try to live a more honest life in a corner in which he’s not known,” the actor tells TVLine.

“When we set Joe on his journey this season, he’s not a guy looking for love, willing to do whatever it takes to whatever stands in his way,” showrunner Sera Gamble adds. “He’s someone who has experienced a lot of heartbreak and loss. He’s had a realization about some of the bad things he’s done, and he’s trying to do better.”

But is there really such a thing as “better” for a guy like Joe? That’s hard enough to say at the top of the hour, let alone by the end of it. Read on for a breakdown of the premiere’s biggest moments, plus intel from the team that made it happen…

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