Yellowstone's 30 Most Memorable Characters, Ranked

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Saddle up, Yellowstone fans. With Season 4 of the Paramount Network now available to stream on Peacock, TVLine is counting down the series’ 30 most memorable characters from every season.

Now, bear in mind that we said “most memorable,” not “nicest” or “most likable.” So the list includes quite a few characters who fall into the “dirty rotten” category. (Yeah, lookin’ at you, Jamie… for starters.)

Among the larger-than-life personalities for whom we made room on the countdown are all the usual suspects, from Kevin Costner’s Dutton family patriarch to Cole Hauser’s gruff-but-tender ranch foreman. But you’ll also find in there a few folks who managed to make a big impression with relatively little screen time — and at least one whose every line becomes a guessing game. (“What in Tarnation did she just say?”)

Who’s who, and where did we rank ’em in our Top 30? Keep scrolling, and all will be revealed. Once you’ve seen the lineup, hit the comments with the characters you’d move up, down or altogether remove.

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