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The Writers Guild of America strike got underway on May 2, raising lots of questions about the future of TV shows that are currently airing/streaming, as well as those due to be coming down the pike.

Let’s see if we can help you sort through what’s what, depending on the types of shows you watch.

But first, a primer: According to WGA guidelines, once a work stoppage is underway, members are barred from writing, nor can they pitch or negotiate for work. What’s more, anything that was already written before the strike commenced cannot be edited during production.

As TV vet Mike Royce detailed on Twitter, “If a show continues production on a script that was written before the strike, there may not be ANY ALTERATIONS to that script made by ANYONE while the WGA is on strike. Not a word, not a comma.”

That dictates a finite supply of scripted material for the networks to live off of in the weeks/months to come.

The 2007-08 WGA strike, which lasted 100 days and came at midseason, resulted in truncated seasons for shows such as 30 Rock, The Big Bang Theory, Brothers & Sisters, three CSIs, Desperate Housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, Lost, NCIS, The Office, Scrubs and Two and a Half Men — to name just a few of the programs that wound up producing half or less of their seasons. It also reportedly cost the L.A. economy a reported $2 billion.

And the current WGA membership is steeled to strike just as long, if not longer, given the disparity between what they are seeking in a new contract, and what the AMPTP is thus far offering.

Which shows will feel the strike first? What sorts of programs are not affected? Read on for an overview of how broadcast, cable, streaming, daytime, late-night and other shows will be impacted.

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