Lopsided Love Triangles: The Weakest Attempts to Sink 'Ships on Castle, Glee, Friends, Arrow and 16 Other Shows

Worst TV Love Triangles

TV love triangles are not always isosceles, if we may harken back to terminology from your middle school days.

Make no mistake, TV over the years has constructed many an allegiance-testing triangle, such as when Lost’s Kate had her pick of Jack or Sawyer, Buffy was torn between Spike and Angel, Insecure’s Issa juggled Daniel and Lawrence, and when Joey regularly debated, “Dawson or Pacey?”

But those are examples of great and compelling TV love triangles, when more often than not, shows look to test an OTP (or throw another roadblock in front of one) by pretty much grabbing the nearest warm body. These obtuse triangles inject a new interloper in such a way that the third party is veritable cannon fodder, an obstacle in name only, the “paper tiger” of paramours.

In the list below, TVLine revisits some of TV’s most lopsided love triangles ever, including the unethical reporter who obstructed “Olicity,” a politician who looked to rock Whitley’s Different World, and the “Maris clone” who doc-blocked Frasier’s Niles and Daphne.

Review these half-baked attempts to sink mighty TV ’ships, and then weigh in with your own!

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