The Cousin Oliver All-Stars: TV's Worst Character Additions Ever From Buffy, The Office, Game of Thrones and More

Worst TV Characters Cast Additions

We’ve already celebrated the best TV characters who joined their shows late… but unfortunately, there’s a flip side to that.

It’s not unusual for a long-running TV show to shuffle up its cast in an effort to freshen things up, and a few lucky shows have actually struck gold with new cast members. (Check out our list and our readers’ suggestions for prime examples of that.) Some cast additions, however, actually turn out to be subtractions, threatening to drag down their entire shows with their resounding lack of appeal. We’re calling them the Cousin Oliver All-Stars, in honor of the patron saint of this category: the mischievous little tyke who got blamed for ruining The Brady Bunch when he arrived late in the series’ run.

Join us as we look back at the worst TV characters who joined their shows after the first season — and really should’ve stayed away entirely. We’ve picked out bad apples from all-time great shows like Game of Thrones, The Office, Lost, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and ER, proving that even a host of Emmy wins doesn’t guarantee immunity from the dreaded Cousin Oliver Syndrome.

Read on to see who made our list of the worst cast additions ever — and if you think we missed a big one? Feel free to remind us in the comments below.