15 Worst Movies Based on TV Shows

Worst Movies Based On TV Shows

Some classic TV shows never should have left the small screen.

From Jessica Simpson’s baffling performance in the first Dukes of Hazzard film to the Baywatch parody that couldn’t even be salvaged by The Rock and Zac Efron’s combined eight-packs, TVLine is taking stock of the 15 worst movies inspired by TV shows — though it feels unfair to even use the word “inspired” while discussing these critical (and often box-office) flops.

If you need a refresher on any of our choices (and you’re feeling bold), you can click on the photos below to watch each movie’s original trailer.

Quick disclaimer: The movies on this list are all feature-length reboots of existing shows. We did not consider special-event movies made using their shows’ original casts, such as the Psych movies or El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie. (Not that we would have included them!)

Scroll down to see our list of the 15 worst movies based on TV shows, then drop a comment with your own picks below. Which stinkers would you add to our list?