Wheel of Fortune Season 40: Get Your First Look at Vanna White's New Laser-Powered Puzzleboard in Action

Ahead of Wheel of Fortune‘s Season 40 premiere, TVLine has an exclusive “action shot” of the first upgrade in 19 years to co-host Vanna White’s puzzleboard.

To mark Wheel‘s new season, premiering Monday, Sept 12 with hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White, the syndicated game show will unveil a new LED-screen puzzleboard, as well as an “XL Week” of shows that put more prize money at stake than ever before.

Incoming executive producer Bellamie Blackstone said in a statement, “I’m looking forward to celebrating all of the ways this show has become a staple in so many living rooms, but also to help it grow so we see its 50th season and beyond. We have a beautiful new puzzleboard. We’re trying to give away the most money ever offered on the syndicated version of the show. But, more than anything, I want our viewers to continue to enjoy this classic game while adding a few new and interesting twists. We are all looking forward to this being our biggest season ever!”

Read on for more about Wheel of Fortune‘s Season 40 changes, plus a first look at the new puzzleboard in action….

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