What I Like About You Is an Underrated WB Relic Worth Revisiting on HBO Max

What I Like About You

Just days after welcoming us back to Everwood, HBO Max has gifted fans of the late, great WB network with access to another throwback treasure. That’s right, folks — all four seasons of What I Like About You are now streaming.

If you’re at all familiar with this underrated Jennie GarthAmanda Bynes comedy, we have to assume that you fall into one of two categories: either you watched it during its initial run on The WB (2002–2006), or you caught reruns between Degrassi marathons on TeenNick in the early 2010s. Either way, welcome. You’re among friends.

There’s nothing especially remarkable about the show’s premise — a wild child (Bynes) moves in with her uptight older sister (Garth) in New York City — but its solid comedic rhythm and likable ensemble (featuring names that TVLine readers already know and love!) earned it cult status. A casualty of The WB’s merger with UPN, the show also serves as a delightful time capsule of the mid-aughts, a time period for which we never expected to feel nostalgic.

(One grievance: For reasons beyond reason, HBO Max has swapped out the original theme song — Lilix’s rendition of “What I Like About You” — for some royalty-free garbage that not even Shazam can identify. Fortunately, you can view the original opening title sequences here and here.)

Scroll down for just a few reasons why this under-appreciated comedy deserves a second look, then drop a comment with some of your own below.