TV's Weirdest Crossovers, From Bones' Family Guy Vision to Supernatural's Scooby Adventure to ALF on Mr. Robot

Weirdest Crossovers

Not all small-screen crossovers are as logical and expected as this Thursday’s Station 19/Grey’s Anatomy two-hour event on ABC. In fact, television history is filled with some truly bizarre and genre-defying matchups of shows.

Below, TVLine has gathered the most unexpected crossovers to ever take place on the tube, from out-there pairings like Bones and Sleepy Hollow to CSI and Two and a Half Men. Our picks also include Garry Shandling’s visit to General Hospital and a witchy surprise on Boy Meets World. And what’s more unpredictable than a live-action series like The X-Files teaming up with a cartoon?

Now, just because these crossovers are odd upon first glance doesn’t mean they weren’t good. If you ask us, “Scoobynatural” is a classic Supernatural outing. But it’s also a pretty wild idea that happened to be extremely well-executed. However, some of the following installments didn’t quite nail it when it came to blending characters and tones.

Should you want to see for yourself just how truly unconventional these episodes were, we’ve included YouTube clips and links to where you can stream these shows in full. Scroll down to review our list of the oddest TV crossovers, then hit the comments to tell us which one takes the prize for Most Weird.

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